Suricata-Update CVE-2018-1000167 Remote Code Execution

Authors:Wolfgang Hotwagner      Risk:High

CVE:CVE-2018-1000167           0day:Remote Code Execution

0day-id:0DAY-1000167            Date:2018-04-19


OISF suricata-update version 1.0.0a1 contains an Insecure Deserialization vulnerability in the insecure yaml.load-Function as used in the following files:,, and The “list-sources”-command is affected by this bug. that can result in Remote Code Execution(even as root if suricata-update is called by root). This attack appears to be exploitable via a specially crafted yaml-file at This vulnerability appears to have been fixed in 1.0.0b1.


  • System affected: Suricata-Update
  • Software-Version: 1.0.0a1
  • User-Interaction: Not required
  • Impact: Remote-Code-Execution


Code will be executed if the yaml-file at contains the following  line:

hello: !!python/object/apply:os.system ['ls -l > /tmp/output']

The vulnerable function can be triggered by “suricata-update list-sources”. The locally stored index.yaml will be loaded in this function and the malicious code gets executed.


The provided fix was released in version 1.0.0b1


The remote-code-execution bug was discovered and fixed by Wolfgang Hotwagner(

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