Google Android Runtime CVE-2017-13176 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Google Android is prone to a privilege escalation vulnerability.
Attackers can exploit this issue to execute arbitrary code within the context of a privileged process.
This issue is being tracked by Android Bug ID A-68341964.

CVE: CVE-2017-13176
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Published: Jan 05 2018 12:00AM
Updated: Jan 05 2018 12:00AM
Credit: Tongxin Li and Xinhui Han of Peking University; Luyi Xing, Nan Zhang, Xueqiang Wang, and XiaoFeng Wang of Indiana University Bloomington; Xiaolong Bai of Tsinghua University; and Kai Chen of IIE, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Vulnerable: Google Android 7.1.1
Google Android 6.0.1
Google Android 5.1.1
Google Android 8.1
Google Android 8.0
Google Android 7.1.2
Google Android 7.0
Google Android 6.0

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