Cisco Prime File Upload Servlet CVE-2018-0258 – Remote Code Execution

Authors:Tenable                     Risk:Critical

CVE:CVE-2018-0258                  0day:Remote Code Execution   

0day -id:0DAY-176148                Date:2018-05-08


A vulnerability in the Cisco Prime File Upload servlet affecting multiple Cisco products could allow a remote attacker to upload arbitrary files to any directory of a vulnerable device and execute those files.

For more information about this vulnerability per Cisco product, see the Details section of this security advisory.

Cisco has released software updates that address this vulnerability. There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability.

Vulnerable Products

This vulnerability affects the following products:

  • Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) – Version 10.0 and later
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) – All versions

Products Confirmed Not Vulnerable

Only products listed in the Vulnerable Products section of this advisory are known to be affected by this vulnerability.

Cisco has confirmed that this vulnerability does not affect the following products:

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager
Cisco Prime Access Registrar
Cisco Prime Active Catalog
Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning
Cisco Prime Central for Service Providers
Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance
Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning
Cisco Prime Home
Cisco Prime IP Express
Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution
Cisco Prime Network
Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module
Cisco Prime Network Registrar
Cisco Prime Optical for Service Providers
Cisco Prime Order Management
Cisco Prime Performance Manager
Cisco Prime Provisioning for Service Providers
Cisco Prime Service Catalog
Cisco Prime Unified Service Monitor


Details about the Cisco Prime File Upload servlet vulnerability per affected product are as follows.

Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager Upload Servlet Path Traversal and Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the File Upload servlet of Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to upload arbitrary files to any directory of a vulnerable device and then execute those files.

The vulnerability is due to improper input validation of the parameters in the HTTP request and a processing error in the role-based access control (RBAC) of URLs. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by uploading a crafted Java Server Pages (JSP) file to a specific folder using path traversal techniques and then executing that file remotely. An exploit could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary commands on the affected device with the privileges of the SYSTEM user.


curl -k -F 'data=@/tmp/webshell.war' ""
  • Fixed Releases

    In the following tables, the left column lists major releases of Cisco software. The right column indicates whether a major release is affected by the vulnerability described in this advisory and the first minor release that includes the fix for this vulnerability.

    Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)

    Cisco DCNM Major Release First Fixed Release for This Vulnerability
    Prior to 10.0 Not vulnerable
    10.0 Affected; migrate to 10.3(1)
    10.1 Affected; migrate to 10.3(1)
    10.2 Affected; migrate to 10.3(1)
    10.3 Not vulnerable

    Prime Infrastructure (PI)

    Cisco PI Major Release First Fixed Release for This Vulnerability
    Prior to 3.1 Affected; migrate to 3.1.7 Update 01
    3.1 3.1.7 Update 01
    3.2 3.2.1
    3.3 Not vulnerable
    3.4 Not vulnerable
    2.2-FIPS Affected; migrate to 3.2-FIPS

Exploitation and Public Announcements

  • The Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is not aware of any public announcements or malicious use of the vulnerability that is described in this advisory.

  • Cisco would like to thank Tenable, Inc. for reporting this vulnerability.



07-13-2017 – Vulnerability reported to Cisco
07-13-2017 – Cisco replies with case number PSIRT-0435286173
07-24-2017 – Cisco confirms the vulnerability
03-05-2018 – Tenable asks Cisco for a progress update
03-09-2018 – Cisco says patch release on April 18 or May 2
04-17-2018 – Tenable asks about release date
04-17-2018 – Cisco confirms release will occur on May 2
05-02-2018 – Cisco releases an advisory

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