Apache Ignite CVE-2018-1295 Arbitrary Code Execution

Authors:Man Yue Mo             Risk:High
CVE:CVE-2018-1295             0day:Arbitrary Code Execution  

0day-id:0DAY-1295              Date:2018-04-12


In Apache Ignite 2.3 or earlier, the serialization mechanism does not have a list of classes allowed for serialization/deserialization, which makes it possible to run arbitrary code when 3-rd party vulnerable classes are present in Ignite classpath. The vulnerability can be exploited if the one sends a specially prepared form of a serialized object to one of the deserialization endpoints of some Ignite components – discovery SPI, Ignite persistence, Memcached endpoint, socket steamer.


An attacker can execute arbitrary code on Ignite nodes in the case when

Ignite classpath contains arbitrary vulnerable classes.

Versions Affected

Apache Ignite 2.3 or earlier


• All Ignite versions: make sure there are no vulnerable classes among
your custom code used in Apache Ignite.
• Ignite 2.3 or earlier users: upgrade to Ignite 2.4 and use
properties to define classes allowed for deserialization


The vulnerability was discovered by Man Yue Mo of lgtm.com.

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