Apache Ambari CVE-2018-8003 Directory Traversal

Authors:Krzysztof Przybylski        Risk:High

CVE:CVE-2018-8003                  0day:Directory Traversal  

0day -id:0DAY-176146                Date:2018-05-08


Ambari is susceptible to a directory traversal attack allowing an unauthenticated user to craft an HTTP request which provides read-only access to any file on the filesystem of the host the Ambari Server runs on that is accessible by the user the Ambari Server is running as. Direct network access to the Ambari Server is required to issue this request, and those Ambari Servers that are protected behind a firewall, or in a restricted network zone are at less risk of being affected by this issue.


To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must send a malicious HTTP request to the targeted system, making exploitation more difficult in environments that restrict network access from untrusted sources.


Administrators are advised to apply the appropriate updates.

Administrators are advised to allow only trusted users to have network access.

Administrators are advised to run both firewall and antivirus applications to minimize the potential of inbound and outbound threats.

Administrators may consider using IP-based access control lists (ACLs) to allow only trusted systems to access the affected systems.

Administrators can help protect affected systems from external attacks by using a solid firewall strategy.

Administrators are advised to monitor affected systems.

Vendor Announcements

Fixed Software

Apache has released software updates at the following link: ambari-2.6.2


Ambari 2.5.x and earlier installations should be upgraded to Ambari 2.6.2
Ambari 2.6.0 installations should be upgraded to Ambari 2.6.2
Ambari 2.6.1 installations should be upgraded to Ambari 2.6.2


Krzysztof Przybylski from STM Solutions


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